Human Engineering

Leadership coaching, talent development and interpersonal effectiveness for business and social

Labuzik Institute is a global platform dedicated to implementing fast-track, high-growth training protocols.
Sitting at the intersection of science and practice, the transformative training experiences allow you to get real and tangible results.

You are in good company

We have been the trusted guides of potential maximisation for both the business and social game-changers who have made the simple realisation that what got them where they are today cannot take them to the edge of their potential. The power of our programs is showcased in the growth acceleration achieved in every single case.

Business – CEOs of Banks, Big 4 CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Harvard Leaders, PEVC, Hedge Fund
Social – A-listers, TV programs, Beauty Pageants, Legacy Families, Royal Family Members
Politically Exposed (PEP)- Public Figures, Prime Minister, UHNWIs
Talent – Top Business School Students (Imperial, Stanford, Oxford)
Charitable – Anil Agrawal – Shirish Saraf (Sameena)– Lila Poonawalla Foundation

Proven tools and techniques

The place you come for real results

You get access to a variety of toolkits including Harvard Leadership Techniques, McKinsey Principles, Barbara Minto structured thinking, Bono’s Lateral and Parallel Thinking, Behavioral Science, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NVC Collaborative Communication, Intercultural Communication, Swiss Savoir Faire and more. 

What is the difference from everyone else. We have experience with a wide area of tools that allow for a holistic 360 approach. Rather than promote only one philosophy, we cherry-pick those best suitable for you, to achieve best outcomes.

Your success is her success

By attending the LI experiences, you give one underprivileged girl a chance to change her life. Anytime you come to us, 10% is donated to the Malala Foundation. The focus of the Foundation is to ensure 12 years of free, safe and quality education for every girl. Allowing an underprivileged girl access to education dramatically reduces rates of child marriage and early childbearing, minimises gender discrimination and she is also less likely to be sexually abused. More info here. “Girls have big plans for their futures — no matter where they live.” By allowing yourself to shine, you also make the dreams of one of these girls come true, too.

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