The YUIS program

Your University Interview SuccessTM

Giving you the edge.

Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Imperial, King’s College …
These world leading universities and institutions inspire awe in people and appeal greatly to so many students who are considering studying for a degree.

  But how do you manage to stand out among so many applicants?
If you are thinking of applying to these or any other highly selective universities or liberal arts colleges, then this program is for you.

When preparing for the university interviews, many students, focus on what they would like to say. They focus on the words.

And whilst the words we say matter, an MIT study shows that the success of a candidate can be predicted with about 87% accuracy purely based on their body language and the tone of their voice. And that is without hearing a single word of the conversation. 

With the YUIS training program, you get to focus entirely on this power – the non-verbal aspect of your communication (body language and tone of voice). You no longer have to make the same mistakes that so many others do.

During the 8-week YUIS training program you learn how to:

  • Create positive and lasting first impressions. First impressions are made in less than 7 seconds. It is something that we cannot change because that is how our brains work. But what we do have the power to influence is what kind of impressions we make. And it is quite easy if you know how.
  • Build strong rapport with the people who interview you. You will learn science-based facts and proven techniques that allow you to connect with the interviewer like no other.
  • How to be authentic and convincing in your Personal Statement. Personal Statement and authenticity – ensuring that your uniqueness shines through and is felt throughout.
  • How to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. We look at the verbal and the non-verbal aspects of being memorable as well as styling for the interview, which should never be overlooked.
  • Be confident presenting and learn the stress management techniques. We will look at all 3 aspects: body language, tone, and words used. You will learn how to become confident in just under 2 minutes at will using science-based methods and thanks to these training techniques, you will be able to measure your own progress during this 2-month training program
The YUIS training sessions:

1. Captivate (2h)

2. Building strong and lasting relationships (2,5h)

3. Personal Statement – interview

– Part 1. (1,5h) – one-to-one

– Part 2. (1,5h)

– Part 3. (1,5h) – one-to-one

4. Dazzle (2,5h)

5. Bringing it all together (2-2,5h)– one-to-one

Your YUIS training comprises of:

14h of tailor-made training sessions

(4 sessions – small group, 3 sessions – one-to-one)

8 weeks of daily targeted activities


Direct interaction once a week

to monitor the progress (one-to-one)

The YUIS training will commence on the 12th of October 2019Your investment in your child’s future is just £1990

(8-weeks of training)

Your learning is based on science-based facts, all-encompassing and inter-disciplinary approach. The Labuzik Institute integrates knowledge and methods from numerous disciplines to maximize the effectiveness of the training. Including developmental psychology, neuroscience, behavioral science, interpersonal & intercultural communication, soft skills, body language and more. Every session is taught in an engaging, interactive manner with the emphasis on the practical.

Studying at the world’s top universities guarantees that your child
  • Gains an internationally recognizable qualification
  • Pursues his/her interests in more depth
  • Works with the best
  • Gets noticed in today’s job market
  • Increases their financial prospects
  • Makes the right connections
Invest in the future of your child.
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Give them a gift that will last a lifetime.

The main focus for the YUIS training program is equipping your child with specific skills that help them get a real edge and truly stand out during the very competitive university interviews.
The YUIS program has additional far-reaching benefits too, however. As a matter of fact, the practical skillset acquired during the training can be well applied to both their social and future professional life. Truly preparing them for the life outside of school as well.

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*Note: Limited availability
Only 24 spaces are going to be allocated for the year 2019. We operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

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