Why it works

The only way to succeed in business and social relationships is by mastering people skills. Etiquette is a set of practical tools to help You achieve that.

Knowing the when, what, how, and why of social graces is key in today’s business and social arena. It helps You navigate social and business interactions in the direction that you want them to evolve in. With the correct decorum, you can achieve at a higher level of people skills while enjoying the experience.

Now, we have some good news for You.

  • Knowledge of etiquette has always indicated one’s rank and therefore till recent years only a select few had access to it. Now that is in the past and etiquette knowledge can offer limitless opportunities to all who strive to succeed.
  • Only few learn etiquette that is based on science. People like this naturally accelerate their learning process and succeed quicker to enjoy lasting results.
  • The myth that etiquette must always be strict and rigid is now disproven as Labuzik Institute ensures that a contemporary, modern, and dynamic approach is applied at all times.


Labuzik Institute is accustomed to delivering courses in a number of different formats and can easily tailor sessions to meet Your needs.

You can choose anything that works for You from a short 90 -120 min bite-size session, to a half-day or even a full-day intensive, interactive workshop. You can learn in groups if that is your ideal dynamics. Alternatively, if You prefer to learn in private, the tempo and in-depth experience of the 1 – to – 1 training might be just what You are looking for.

    In short, we offer:

  • 1-to-1 (Private)
  • Small groups (Private)
  • Large groups (Public)
  • Intensive bit-size sessions
  • Half-day sessions
  • Full-day sessions

Where and when?

One of our 7* star approaches is Flexibility, so with us, you can truly acquire etiquette skills anywhere, anytime. We stress the importance of a flexible approach because we know that your comfort accelerates your learning progress and ultimately that is what truly matters to us. We want to add Your success story to our list of satisfied clients.
You can choose to learn any-place, anytime including:

  • the comfort of your own home
  • the confidential premises of your office
  • the luxury of fine-dining restaurants in 5-6* hotels
  • private member clubs, private jets, yachts …

Is it for me?

It can be for You, if only You have the same desires and aspirations as our returning clients do.

We work with leaders in personal and professional fields and are retained by several of the world’s largest and most notable institutions. These include:

  • Financial and Cultural institutions
  • Not-for-profit institutions
  • Successful companies, whether large or small
  • Accomplished Business Individuals
  • Young Private Individuals, VIPs whose social status requires etiquette mastery
  • Young women who desire to acquire the finishing polish needed to be part of the appropriate social strata
  • Schools and universities
  • Embassies and Consulates
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