The place you come for real-life results

Your learning is based on science-based facts, all-encompassing and inter-disciplinary approach.

LI integrates knowledge and methods from numerous disciplines to maximise the effectiveness of the training. Including developmental psychology, neuroscience, behavioural science, interpersonal & intercultural communication, soft skills, body language and more. Taught in an engaging, interactive manner with the emphasis on the practical.

Your training is

  1. structured around real-life situations
  2. practised and implemented in real-life scenarios
  3. to obtain real life results.

The only way to succeed in business and social relationships is by mastering people skills. Labuzik Institute shares a set of practical tools to help You achieve that. Knowing the when, what, how, and why is key in today’s business and social arena. It helps You navigate social and business interactions in the direction that you want them to evolve in.


Is it for me?

It can be for You, if only You have the same desires and aspirations as our returning clients do.

The Labuzik Institute alumni fall into various categories:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Students and young professionals
  • Beauty pageant winners
  • Aristocratic ladies and socialites
  • People of royal descent
  • Stay at home mums
  • Successful business women

Have a look here to see what they have to say about the experience.

Where and when?

One of our 7* star approaches is Flexibility.

We guarantee that with us, you can learn anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

We have delivered training in offices, the comfort of ones’ homes, private member clubs as well as a yacht in the middle of the sea… The sky is the limit. (Maybe not even!)

The group sessions are delivered in various wonderful locations around the world. Just have a look here for some future events.

The group sessions are open to clients from all over the world at pre-set locations. However, a more private experience, in a location of your choice, is available. We believe that the ultimate luxury is when something is perfect just for you. Note: private VIP group training information (date/location) will not be disclosed.

In short

  • the comfort of your own home
  • the confidential premises of your office
  • the luxury of fine-dining restaurants in 5-6* hotels
  • private member clubs, private jets, yachts etc.


Forget the school-like scenarios and motivational talks. Your experiential training is tailored to meet your very own needs and expectations.

You decide whether you would like to learn one-to-one or opt for an interactive small-group experience. Then you choose the time and place that best work for you. Based on a pre-training consultation a bespoke curriculum is created.

In terms of the format, you have a lot of freedom, too. You can choose your preferred dynamic – from a 2h session to a 3-day or 7-day intensive retreat experience.

Bespoke post-training activities ensure that the skills you have acquired become second nature to you. There will be easy, but highly effective targeted interventions for you to practice over the period of 2 to 8 weeks.

    In short:

  • One-to-one
  • Small groups
  • Small groups (VIP Private)
  • Open & Private Retreats


  • Individual sessions
  • 3-day training
  • 7-day training
  • 10-day training
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