This exclusive 3-day experience combines
bespoke training, and genuine holiday-like relaxation
in a luxurious setting, in London.

You can be one of the 12 selected ladies
who get to share this unique experience with Lucia Labuzik herself.

Known for the outstanding results with female game changers like
Forbes business leaders, CEOs & founders, VIPs, Miss Universe and Royal Family members.
You can await an unparalleled experience and real, tangible results in all four areas of your life. 

Specially designed so that you can:

  • Leave perfect and lasting first impressions by making a real statement (and using the first 7 seconds of any meeting wisely)
  • Bring out your natural charisma and banish awkwardness (science-based tips)
  • Read and decode body language of both men and women (social and/or business use)
  • Build deep, long-lasting rapport in business and social settings
  • Discover the secrets of graceful deportment. How to walk, sit and stand like a truly feminine and elegant woman
  • Master the art of impactful introductions
  • Make an impressive entrance during any important social or business encounter
  • Manage your emotions, especially when under pressure, and build your confidence (science-based tips)
  • Master cross-cultural sensitivities and leave a positive and memorable impact when abroad or dealing with foreigners
  • Master your fine-dining skills – such as what to do with your 4 course-meal silverware, crockery, and glassware (no more faux-pas)
  • Handle tricky and exotic foods with assurance
  • Turn small talk into big conversations with people of any status or nationality (foreigners, VIPs, Royals etc.).
  • Perfect Your body language of femininity and express yourself fully as a woman.
  • Balance the power and femininity  within
  • Acquire excellent Body Language skills in negotiations (practical, science-based strategies and tips that work)
  • and so much more.

Luxurious setting

The event will occur at carefully selected venues.
Rather than staying in one location, you will get to experience the beautiful variety of the very best London has to offer. 
The 5* premises, Michelin star restaurants, members-only clubs.
Expect the ultimate epitome of class and luxury. 
This is to ensure that you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills as we engage with this exceptional environment.
If you are not local, know that you’ll also be walking distance away from luxury boutiques and top spas. At the same time, you’ll be at the epicentre of life with a huge array of activities to enjoy.

The dates of the experience are 27-29 November 2020.

(Note for those travelling from abroad: If you prefer to arrive by private jet, please inform us. We will be happy to assist you.)

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Fine-dining experiences

To further enhance and enrich your experience, you will be dining in the finest of the restaurants.
Every day, you will be enjoying an exquisite 4-course lunch: each one will have a unique educational element.
To ensure that we are not only pleasing your taste buds with delicious food, but also nourishing your body, healthy refreshments that will be served during the day.
Expect healthy organic refreshments made from seasonal local produce and free from wheat, dairy and sugar.
We will cater to all your dietary requirement, including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, halal, kosher or nut-free.
Simply tell us about your needs when you reserve your place.

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Your time, your terms

Days will be packed with training, but know that outside of sessions, you can spend your free time as you choose. It’s Your time, so it’s to be spent on your terms. You can choose from a range of optional activities. You might opt for shopping or to get pampered and enjoy beauty treatments, therapies and massages. Or choose to be active and join fitness activities. The choice is yours.

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Gift that will last a lifetime

Invest in your future
Give Yourself a gift that will last a lifetime.
As you know already, it’s the knowledge, the skill, the competence that you gain through learning that is priceless and something that will stay with you forever.
You will return confident and ready to handle any kind of interaction – personal, social and/or business. Not to mention an enlarged group of friends, and reinvigorated.

Your investment is only £2700.

Experience includes:

  • 21 hours of bespoke training – all facets – personal, partner, social and professional/business – get covered (includes topics like body language, negotiations, femininity, etc. See detailed description above)
  • Refreshments: Fresh juices and healthy organic refreshments – all throughout the training
  • Lunches: Daily 4-course fine dining experiences
  • Welcome drinks and a celebration evening at the end of the experience
  • Private phone consultation before arrival to discuss your personal needs and customise your experience
  • Networking: 3 day transformative experience shared with like-minded ladies from different parts of the world
  • L.I. community access: access to a wider community through annual events in London
  • Free time: Approx. 6h of time a day for you to spend any way you like
  • A choice of bespoke tours and pampering experiences
  • Concierge: VIP concierge service
  • Certificate: Labuzik Institute Intermediate Master Certificate

Your sessions

The experience comprises of approx. 21h of carefully selected sessions.
All facets – personal, partner, social and professional/business – get covered.
Your learning is science-based, practical and immediately applicable.
You can be assured of great results from day one.

Captivate (2-2.5h)

You will learn how to captivate anyone (when and where you desire) without saying a word. You will also learn; why first impressions matter so much; how to make a truly memorable entrance; an unforgettable way to introduce yourself; conversation dos and don’ts; and why body language matters. You’ll also discover the secrets of elegant deportment including – graceful walking, elegant standing, feminine ways to sit, classy ways to enter/exit a car, and more. With this knowledge you can leave positive and lasting first impressions anywhere you go – for work, business, your social life, or even when on a date. You will be unforgettable!

Me, myself and I (2-2.5h)

The relationship you have with yourself is what dictates everything, what sets the tempo and direction in your life. Therefore, this session is absolutely crucial regardless of the facets of life in which you aspire to succeed. You will look at: your self-concept; your self-management; and your self-esteem. And learn how to leverage your strengths and uniqueness; how to understand and manage your emotions effectively and last but not least, science-based techniques on how to boost your confidence in under 2 minutes. On a very practical level, you will understand how your emotions and attitudes affect your personal, business and social interactions. Resulting in improved performance and significantly better relationships.

Fine Dining VIP

Elegance of 7* dining (2h daily)

Every day of your stay, you will also enjoy an exquisite fine-dining experience. Your 4-course meals will not only be an ultimate delight for the taste buds, but also dynamic and educational adventure. They are designed to help you navigate even the most demanding VIP dining experiences with elegance and ease. You will be taken through various cuisines and learn how to eat food from different parts of the world without unnecessary faux-pas. You will also discover; how to handle your cutlery and glassware during 7-course meals; how to serve yourself and others; where the napkin goes and when; conversation at the table; and much more. Both the French and the English table setting will be covered. Guaranteed that you will stand out!

Socialite (2-2.5h)

Or how you build strong relationships.
It’s simple to build strong private, business or inter-cultural relationships when you know how. This session teaches the underlying tricks to developing positive and lasting connections. Artful networking and leading conversation are valuable skills. We cover how to turn small talk into weightier conversation, how to converse with a large group and which topics to avoid. You also learn practical tips that help you to ask better questions, be an effective listener and create an ambience you will be remembered for. But we take it a step further and master the non-verbal element of relationship-building. That is where approx. 90% of your power lies.

Well-being (1.5h daily)

During the “Me, myself and I” session you focus on your emotional well-being and your relationship with yourself. This session is all about your mind and body. These 30 minute daily sessions will be dynamic and very practical. First, you will learn proven mental management techniques that will allow you to be more in control of your mind. Then, you will look at your body and its internal and external well-being. You will also learn easy techniques on how to boost natural collagen/elastin production (leading to smoother, more supple, tighter-looking skin and glow), as well as the fasting techniques most suitable for your specific body type. You will gain mental power and clarity. Your body will feel better on the inside, while glowing spectacularlyon the outside.

Gracious globe-trotter (1.5h)

Today, more than ever, you are exposed to numerous cultures – whether it’s on-line, in meetings, during social gatherings, or when trotting the globe. This means an understanding of cross-cultural sensitivities is becoming increasingly important to both your personal and professional success. This lesson is designed so that you can successfully build very strong and solid relations in an international setting. Not only will you learn culture-sensitive verbal and non-verbal communication (the dos, don’ts, and faux-pas), but also specific social savoir-faire and business techniques that promise outstanding results. You will be truly ready for high-profile interactions globally.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 21.29.41

Negotiations (2-2.5h)

You negotiate every single day – almost all the time. And it’s not only in business, but also at home with your partner, your family, and in your social interactions. During this session you will learn; how to harness your unique negotiation strengths to persuade and influence; how women negotiate differently from men; and about body language in negotiation. Successful negotiation takes more than just saying the right words. Science proves that over 80% of our success in negotiation is assigned to your non-verbal communication and that is what the session focuses on. You will learn tactics, strategies, and valuable body language tips that will help you influence, negotiate, and conduct courageous conversations with ease.


Femininity  (2-2.5h)

During this dynamic session, you will learn all about the body language of femininity so that you can fully express yourself as a woman. This session is centred around 4 elements. Firstly, you will learn how to read and decode the body language of both men and women. Secondly, you will get to master the art of feminine body language. Thirdly, we will cover seductive ways of using your body language. You will also get to understand the differences and nuances between femininity and seduction. Last but not least, you will discover a practical way to balance your personal power and your femininity. The practical tips, we share with you will ignite your femininity and harness your power, all while increasing your attractiveness. You will be able to win your partner’s heart (over and over again).

Secret full

Surprise experience

How you'll learn

Your programme is broken down into manageable, bite-sized session.
Expect upbeat, dynamic, interactive ambience.
The techniques used are science-based, built around real-world scenarios and
designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities.
Once knowledge is acquired, you get to practice in real-life situations (in the most glamorous of places in town)

Luxurious setting

Gift that will last a lifetime.

This unique combination of education with relaxation ensures you return confident and ready to handle any kind of interaction  personal, business or social – as well as reinvigorated and with a new circle of friends.

The experience will be available to 12 women only.
Given the selective approach, we will take confidentiality very seriously.
You will be addressing each other only on first name basis or can opt to be addressed under a nickname.

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