Dining Etiquette

‘Life was my oyster until I used the wrong fork.’ (O. Wilde)

Is dining etiquette for me?

Gathering over a meal is, more than ever before, one of the best ways to increase familiarity and trust with people, in both social and business arenas.Therefore, dining etiquette is important for you if you sometimes:

  • get asked on a dinner date
  • get invited to formal, high class social gatherings
  • attend business functions
  • deal with VIP clients
  • intend to influence others over business meals or in a social encounter

Science proves that we all subconsciously understand the power dining encounters have on forging relations. Hence You want to improve Your dining etiquette so that You get more of what You need or want, more often, faster and more effectively.

Etiquette has always been associated with Royals and High Society. Nowadays, it is also open to a wider circle of aspiring professionals and socialites.
Those who master the art always have the advantage of being regarded highly. Of course, the higher you are or aspire to be, on the social and business ladder, the higher the requirements are for the mastery of dining etiquette. This is well understood and taken advantage of by socially active individuals, powerful families, business owners, large businesses, politicians – all the way up to ‘Number 10’ and the White House.

What do I learn?

  • How to conduct yourself during any formal dining situation with confidence and ease
  • Key dining styles – British, American and Continental
  • Table manners, such as what to do with your 6 course-meal Silverware, Crockery, and Glassware
  • Hosting, and being a guest, at a prime VIP event
  • Handling tricky and exotic foods without embarrassing yourself
  • The power of body language – posture and poise at the dinner table
  • How to converse at the dinner table with your business partners, diplomats, Royals, and VIPs
  • From Toasts & Speeches to Wine Tasting, with class
  • And much more …

How do I learn?

One of our 7* approaches is Flexibility.
Therefore, you can learn anytime, anywhere, and in the format that best suits you.
The sessions are delivered either in private or in a group setting. See some of the options below.

What is my investment?

Dining Etiquette with Labuzik Institute is for those who like to
“Invest pennies and get dollars back”
It is the great practice of Dining Etiquette, not the theory, that will make a real difference to how quickly You achieve Your goals. Therefore, all of our lessons are delivered over a delicious three-course meal in the right setting so that you can acquire all of the necessary Western Dining Etiquette skills. This includes British, Continental European, and American dining styles.
See some of the private session options below.

Fine Dining Masterclass:

After attending this lesson, You will be ready to dine at any important occasion elegantly and with greater ease.
This intensive etiquette lesson covers all the essentials of the art of fine dining. Expect to learn: how to hold your silverware and glassware correctly during a five-course meal; all the general dining manners; posture at a dining table; how to use your napkin correctly; soup and bread etiquette; tea & coffee etiquette; desserts; how to eat tricky foods without embarrassing yourself; and more.

  • Days: Every day *Subject to availability
  • Time: *2.5h
Afternoon Tea Etiquette:

This is a bite-sized and comprehensive etiquette lesson on the quintessentially British afternoon tea tradition. We will get You fully prepared for your next formal or social Afternoon Tea invitation.
During this lesson You will: discover how to use your silverware; learn how to hold your cup at, and away from the table; practice correct dining posture; taste and learn about the quality of green and black teas; eat scones, sandwiches and cakes like a connoisseur; uncover the history of the afternoon tea tradition; master your table conversation; and know your social do’s and don’ts.

  • Days: Friday to Sunday *Subject to availability
  • Time: 2-2,5h
Fine Dining Expert:

This intensive half-day class takes your dining skills to a whole new level.
During this class we will prepare you for any dining situation from cocktail parties to eight-course meals.
Not only do we cover the whole Fine Dining Masterclass content (see above for reference), we also ensure that You: perfect your way of ordering and tasting wines; eat ethnic foods like sushi and pasta correctly; learn how to graciously host and entertain; find out how to make a great toast or speech. You will also understand the differences between dining in a private home and at a restaurant. You will become perfectly poised and polished, ready to receive your next big formal dining invitation.

  • Days: Every day *Subject to availability
  • Time: Full Day *4.5-5h
Dining for Business:

This is the right choice for business professionals who never want to miss a business opportunity or deal.
They say that “Those who break bread together, stay together”, and science truly proves this saying to be right. It is not surprising that, even in this modern age almost all important business is carried out over a meal. Successful businesses train their client-facing employees in dining etiquette so that they can increase their deal closure rates when meeting their affluent clients. You can expect to learn all the dining etiquette essentials (see Fine Dining Masterclass), and also learn how to: dress to impress a VIP; entertain clients; use rapport and small talk; and business strategy tactics.

  • Day: Available Monday to Saturday *Subject to availability
  • Time: 3h

Don’t see what you are looking for? Just email our team with your requirements and we will tailor a session to your needs.

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