Business Etiquette

‘The time to stop talking is when the other person nods his head affirmatively, but says nothing.’ (Henry S. Haskins)

Is Business Etiquette for me?

Do You own your own business? Do You deal with High Net Worth Individuals? Do You deal with international clients? Do You get involved in complex, cross-border sales operations? …

If so, and You like to leave nothing to chance, then Business Etiquette training is just what You need.

Business Etiquette is a very broad term, encompassing multiple aspects of business interactions, including: business manners, attire, business communication, business dining, client entertaining, cross-cultural communications, international protocol, workplace etiquette, netiquette, and more.

Business Etiquette works in any traditional business setting. But as globalization of marketplaces brings new business opportunities, it also brings business people ever closer to new cultures around the world and presents new Business Etiquette challenges. It is those who mastered the art of Business Etiquette, and who therefore possess well developed and natural social skills, that will stay ahead of the competition.

Knowing ‘how to be’ in tricky situations will help You build rapport with Your clients with greater ease. With this knowledge, You are going to foster business relationships that are based on mutual understanding of cultural and regional sensitivities, trust, and integrity.
Mastering the art of Business Etiquette removes all the energy-consuming distractions of dealing with the unknown, saving You energy and allowing You to focus on the business at hand. It will help You avoid those dangerous misunderstandings and gaffes that can ultimately undermine a deal-in-progress.

What do I learn?

  • Introductions, handshakes, bows and social kissing
  • Business card etiquette
  • ‘Making a statement’ – Perfect and Lasting First Impressions
  • ‘Power dressing’ – Image and corporate dress assessment
  • Powerful Body Language in negotiations and business
  • Corporate Dining Etiquette – includes proper use of cutlery and glassware, ordering wine, avoiding faux-pas
  • Toasting and giving impactful speeches
  • Polished Business Networking
  • From small talk to big talk
  • Taboo topics and communication styles (in more than 60 countries)
  • Hosting, Client Entertaining
  • And much more …

How do I learn?

One of our 7* star approaches is Flexibility.

Therefore, You can learn anytime, anywhere and in the format that suits Your needs.

The sessions are delivered either in a private 1-to-1 setting or in a group setting. See some of the options below.

What is my investment?

Business Etiquette with Labuzik Institute is for those who like to “Invest pennies and get dollars back”

The Labuzik Institute Business Etiquette sessions are designed so that You, like all our alumni, can; amplify Your first impression and command immediate respect; develop strong and lasting business relationships; become more persuasive, likable and influential; improve Your negotiating skills; attract more clients; and win more deals.
See some of the private session options below.

Powerful Personal Image:

After attending the Powerful Personal Image lesson, You are going to find it much easier to initiate and close business transactions. Scientific tests show that it’s within the first 6 seconds of meeting someone that we make a decision of whether they are a potential friend or foe. Therefore, if You think that clothes and accessories can make or break you, then You are absolutely right, because the way we dress is a large part of our identity.
This session shows how the dressed body is central to the construction of a recognizable identity, and provides accessible accounts of the particular dress ‘ways’ that are associated with a considerable variety of desired outcomes. Thanks to the personalized dress assessment, You are going to create Your very own and unique Power Dressing FormulaTM so that You will never have to miss an opportunity to make perfect, lasting, powerful impressions again. You will be well remembered from day one and You are certainly going to stand out. You will also learn about Body Language and Influencing.

  • Days: Everyday *Subject to availability
  • Time: 1.5-2h *time to be agreed
International Business Success:

This bite-sized and comprehensive etiquette lesson will get You ready for Your next big business meeting with international clients. During the lesson, You will learn precisely what has helped our alumni to be leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.
The International Business Success lesson is designed to show how You can successfully build rapport in an international setting.
You will learn the culture-sensitive verbal and non-verbal communication; the dos; don’ts and faux-pas; workplace etiquette; client entertaining; and business code of conduct of some of the 60 cultures and countries where your clients might be from. Expect to learn culture-dependent protocol and country-specific Business Etiquette that promises successful rapport-building. It is through the mastery of the cross-cultural communications that one can build positive lasting relationships with the clients because, as You know, before people buy from You, they have to buy into You. And what better way to do that than by successfully building rapport.

  • Days: Everyday *Subject to availability
  • Time: 2,5h *time to be agreed
Dining for Business:

This is the right choice for business professionals who never want to miss a business opportunity or deal.
They say that “Those who break bread together, stay together”, and science truly proves this saying to be right. It is not surprising that, even in this modern age almost all important business is carried out over a meal. Successful businesses train their client-facing employees in dining etiquette so that they can increase their deal closure rates when meeting their affluent clients. You can expect to learn all the dining etiquette essentials (see Fine Dining Masterclass), and also learn how to: dress to impress a VIP; entertain clients; use rapport and small talk; and business strategy tactics.

  • Days: Everyday*Subject to availability
  • Time: 2,5-3h
Business Etiquette Masterclass:

This intensive, all-encompassing masterclass is the best choice for those who like to leave nothing to chance.

The Business Etiquette Masterclass is deigned to polish all Your business skillsets.

During the course You are going to learn about all the above-mentioned topics including: effective business manners; powerful personal image and business attire; compelling business communications; dining for business mastery; client entertaining; cross-cultural communications; and body language of negotiation and power.

  • Days: Everyday *Subject to availability
  • Time: Full Day – 5h *time to be agreed

Don’t see what you are looking for? Just email our team with your requirements and we will tailor the session to your needs.

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