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Labuzik Institute

‘The Best or Nothing’

Labuzik Institute is a sought-after etiquette consultancy, offering courses in Luxury Lifestyle etiquette and Finishing School.

Labuzik Institute is known for its unique 7* star approach. Our 7 stars are:

* International * Contemporary * Expert * Science-based * Flexible * Practical * Discreet

Why etiquette works

Knowing the when, what, how and why of social graces is an absolute key to success.

The only way for your social and business relationships to succeed, is to master people skills. Labuzik Institute teaches precisely these effective patterns of behavior so that you, like many other sophisticated and successful people, can achieve more of what you want, more often – whilst enjoying the experience.

Amongst other things, mastery of etiquette allows You to:

  • Make better first impressions
  • Boost Your confidence
  • Build strong and lasting relationships
  • Exude confident professionalism
  • Increase Your sales significantly
  • Source and successfully close more deals
  • Bring out Your natural charisma
  • Engage with the ‘right’ people
  • Climb higher up the social and business ladder and more…

For Whom

Labuzik Institute is for You, but only if you have the same desires and high aspirations that our other successful personal and corporate clients do …


We tailor our services to Your needs and hence can deliver any type of training from a bite-size session to a full-day intensive workshop …

Where & When

One of our 7* star approaches is Flexibility. We guarantee that with us, you can learn Anytime and Anywhere at your convenience…

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